Jose Miguel Santiago

It has only been a few days, but Windows  10 is creating quite the buzz!  Some people are calling this the answer for Microsoft to truly compete in Apple’s world, others say the two are in opposite universes.

One of the biggest issues that people are having with the new system is the lack of privacy that you may be sensing.  Let’s be honest, all of these systems invade your privacy in some way, perhaps Apple is a little more sly when they do it.

Let’s start with Cortana.  This is Microsoft’s answer to SIRI.  Cortana is your virtual assistant.  She will answer your questions, she will send you reminders, search for whatever you’re looking for either through the Internet or in your personal files.  The question remains, is Cortana being useful or “nosey.”  Some experts who have analyzed Cortana and her features think she may be storing too much of your information.  Cortana is programed to remember your search habits and browser history, in order for her to direct you to places you like or to make suggestions.

Microsoft is also being quite open that with this new operating system they are collecting data that can be useful to some of their advertising clients.  It will be using information that you provide and search for to give those advertisers demographics within your household.  Research on how long you navigate a page or what draws your interest.  Microsoft is even putting out the disclaimer that they can and will access your information at their leisure.

Is this enough to change your mind about an upgrade?  For many people the answer is “no.”  People are always wanting the newest and latest and greatest app and update and this is no different.  People will always take “pretty,” “clean” and “convenient” over privacy or discreteness.  Those who have downloaded the upgrade, love the customizing features and the ease of use.  The headaches so far have been few.  Also, if you prefer droids and pc’s to an iPad or mac then this is the way you’re going to go.  Just remember, like with many things, Big Brother is watching you.