Do you want your restaurant to shine? Do you want it to be the one everyone is talking about and writing good reviews on? If so, keep reading. You’ve come to the right place.

Restaurant Stats

The restaurant business is, no doubt, competitive. Each month, more are opening up in the Phoenix Metro area. In just our state of Arizona, if you can believe it, there were over 9,300 restaurants in 2015!

In 2017, restaurant revenues in Arizona are expected to reach $12 billion dollars according to the National Restaurant Association. In the next ten years, that number is expected to grow by over 16-percent.

Why Us?

As a result, it’s important you set yourself apart from the competition. A great Public Relations firm like Phoenix Marketing Associates can help you grow your business and make you stand out!

How? We have an aggressive social media marketing plan that gets customers’ attention! We can get you media exposure, connections with other businesses and the resources you need to succeed and be #1!

Prevent Bad Yelp Reviews

As you probably already know, a bad Yelp review can have long-term consequences. While we can’t guarantee it won’t happen, we have a proactive approach with our marketing plan that should reduce the chances of this happening.

Success Stories

I’m sure you’ve seen all of the ahipoki restaurants popping up all over the Valley. We did all of the highly successful marketing campaigns for not only the ones here locally but out-of-state as well.

We also do marketing for these other highly successful businesses: (list)

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