While Yelp filters are meant to screen out staged and disingenuous reviews, they often end up screening out some valuable insight from real customers. Because of this, we want to give you a few tips on how to write a useful review that will be visible to anyone who visits a review page:


 1.     Give the time and date: It’s important to note the time and date of your experience. If you had a terrible experience with a company years ago, it might not necessarily be relevant if the business has changed management, hired new staff, etc. Make sure to state this early on or even open with it.

2.     Tell your story: The most important purpose of a Yelp review is to inform others of your personal experience with a company. The best and most effective way to let others know how your encounter with a company went is to share your story from start to finish.

3.     Tell both sides: Many reviews go ignored because they are biased in one direction or the other. A good, fair review takes into account all aspects of the experience. If you felt your experience could have been better in some way, explain how!

4.     Ask yourself if you’d find it helpful: Bottom line, would you believe you? Think of the times you’ve read reviews online and how they were helpful to you. What about them made them helpful?

5.     Sum it all up: Describe your overall experience in a few short words, typically at or toward the end. This sounds challenging but it’s a good way to help readers gauge your overall satisfaction with a company.