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PR Campaigns

If you’re seeking regular television appearances or articles written in magazines or newspapers like the Arizona Republic or Phoenix Business Journal, we suggest that you align yourself with a PR firm that best reflects your business size. This is a good way to help find a PR company whose rates will be in line with your PR budget.

Whether you need a large PR agency or a smaller specialist to help you with your PR needs, mechanically, you will find that all firms basically do the same thing when it comes to public relations campaigns. Like the larger PR firms, Phoenix Marketing Associates does:

  • Extensive media market research
  • Professional media release composition
  • Well-crafted, personalized distribution to the media
  • Media relations (media request fulfillment, interview scheduling, article placements, clipping/tracking of media placements, etc.)

By selecting Phoenix Marketing Associates to conduct your PR Campaigns, you will enjoy the benefits of having the same tools that the bigger agencies have including:

  • Personalized media distribution capabilities
  • Updated media lists/contacts
  • Professional clipping/tracking services to get copies of each of media placements (including articles, tapes from television or radio shows)
  • Professional pitching
  • Expert media relations and communication skills

Why Hire Phoenix Marketing Associates As Your Professional PR Specialists


  1. Established Media Contacts Locally and Nationally. We have established multiple media contacts that can lead to much more and better media placements for your campaign. We already have our foot in the door which can really be a benefit to you.
  2. Effectiveness and Efficiency. We can devote the daily time and attention needed for your campaign to succeed. We know the ins and outs, as well as shortcuts, to getting the job done more effectively and efficiently.
  3. Quality Campaign Implementation. Improperly implemented or poorly pitched campaigns are often the downfall of PR efforts. With Phoenix Marketing Associates, you can be confident that you would get well-strategized email blasts of press releases, properly pitched and written releases, media releases that are not overly commercialized, consistent follow-up, etc.


While we may not be the cheapest PR option, remember that many of these low costs firms are low in cost because they are also low in quality. For excellent value for your PR dollar, we invite you to contact us for more information.