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We believe that social media should perform several functions for your company. Below we list why Phoenix Marketing Associates (PMA) should be managing your social media marketing campaigns whether you have current accounts set up or are just starting out:

  • When social media marketing is used as a branding initiative, we will endear your company to your base of current customers and increase your top of mind awareness for those who are considering your product or service.
  • We keep the “social” in social media meaning that we actively engage your followers while we simultaneously promote your company.
  • We educate your followers on the benefits of using your product or service.
  • We will build a geographically targeted following which is relevant to your business.
  • We drive targeted traffic to specific landing pages within your website and utilize Google Analytics in conjunction with advanced analytics programs to track effectiveness.
  • We promote your company and brand with the highest integrity.

Most companies start out with a company Facebook and Twitter campaign.

With your Facebook campaign, our skilled team will:

  • Post brand awareness and traffic generating topics to your wall.
  • Post thought inducing questions which encourages “likes” and discussion.
  • Actively respond to all comments and questions posted on your Facebook wall.
  • Run contests which promote your page.
  • Build a targeted following organically and through joining relevant groups and participating.

Our Twitter account management practices:

  • Engage your followers and post topics to encourage conversation.
  • Build a geographically targeted following.
  • No followers? No problem! When PMA manages your Twitter account, you instantly have access to our over 35,000 twitter followers through our own accounts and the accounts we manage– Meaning that even if you only have a couple hundred followers to start out with, your message will still be promoted to the thousands within our network.
  • We encourage direct messages and actively respond with your approved direction.
  • Create a custom twitter background for your company.
  • Post messages which will drive targeted traffic to landing pages within your website.

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