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Most successful companies are born from a comprehensive business plan. Unfortunately, after set up, many small business owners end up taking a “shotgun” approach to their marketing without laying down a solid foundation of proven, repeatable marketing initiatives.

pma-moonshineflyerEntrepreneurs are constantly bombarded with droves of direct mail, yellow page and print advertising salespeople all touting their medium as the most effective. Many will succumb to the pressure and “try out” a new campaign for a couple of months, only to fail and lose their investment; hoping that their ad falls into the hands of a potential customer.

To take your business to the next level, a comprehensive marketing plan is critical. Regardless of how fantastic your product or service is, it means nothing without sales which are born from marketing.

Phoenix Marketing Associates can prepare several variations of marketing plans including start up, comprehensive plans and online marketing plans all completely tailored to your individual company or industry.

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