Phoenix Marketing Associates believes that the emotional aspects of products and services, as well as their distribution systems, are the key differentiators between customers’ ultimate brand choice and the price they will pay for that brand.

This means that businesses should take definite steps towards understanding their customers’ emotional needs and desires. This helps build stronger connections and relationships by recognizing customers as partners.

In order to help your company create a great brand concept, Phoenix Marketing Associates performs the following services:

  • Brand Analysis: Survey how your business is conveying its brand currently through its images, messaging, employee interaction and customer opinion.
  • Brand Pitch Creation: This is a compelling statement that expresses why your company is offering your product or service and why customers should buy from you.
  • Value Proposition Development: This is an analysis and quantified review of the benefits, costs and value that your business can deliver to customers. The value proposition should be central to all of your business’s activities.
  • Brand Structure Definition: This process helps examine the functional and emotional benefits of your company’s brand, positioning and reasons to buy.

Branding bridges the gap between a company and its customers. Establishing the right emotion is the most important investment you can make in your brand which ultimately leads to the development of affinity relationships between you and your customer base.

Phoenix Marketing Associates will help you build more trust and dialogue with your customers. Contact us today for details.

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