Blogging has literally taken the web community by storm. Blogging has allowed everyday people the unique ability to post whatever content, information, news story, editorial or article they please on the web for free or at a very low cost.

Entire careers have been born out of blog writing in recent years and “stars” have been made. National news networks often quote or have guest appearances from professional bloggers regularly and many are now viewed as industry experts.

From a small business perspective, blog management provides for an easy way to add keyword rich content to your website. Blogs can be external through WordPress or Blogger, but it is preferable that they are internal or built into your website in order to credit your URL with the content.

Consistency and relevancy are the keys to a successful blogging campaign. Provide your visitors with interesting content that is relevant to your industry which also induces them to return because they know another interesting blog post is just around the corner.

Blog posts are also great traffic magnets for social media. Links to informative and unique blog articles are great for posting on sites like Twitter and Facebook which in turn drive traffic to your site.

We routinely aid our customers in setting up and optimizing blogs for search and can provide continual blog content or turn the blog over after set up.

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