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Marketing Services

Phoenix Marketing Associates believes in implementing marketing and advertising campaigns for our clients which provide a real return on investment. That return on investment can come in several forms; like sales that affect the bottom line or increased visibility in the media or on the internet.

We strategically develop advertising campaigns which take a targeted approach to marketing from several angles. In general, implementing only one facet of marketing will not get you the results you desire, especially online.

Successful marketing campaigns are most often actualized by executing a mix of elements that all contribute to overall demand generation and customer conversions. Most often, our consultants advise an approach which takes into effect all of the following:

However, because of real world budget issues, we understand it’s not always possible to implement every marketing strategy proposed, which is why we make it easy for clients to begin their marketing campaigns with growth in mind.

Phoenix Marketing Associates offers all new clients a no-cost, initial consultation either over the phone or in person. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to making a real impact on your company’s growth.