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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Phoenix Marketing Associates lock clients into a long term contract?

A. No, we never lock any of our monthly management clients into a contract and there is no minimum. Please remember that marketing is an investment in your company which will provide a return, but usually requires a period of time to reap the maximum benefits.

Q. We’re looking for broad visibility of our brand and really want to make an impact–what do you suggest?

A. We feel that a targeted public relations campaign working in concert with a strategic marketing plan gives our clients the best results. We’ve had countless clients on television and published in respected newspapers and magazines.

Q. Our company’s been around a while and we have an internal marketing department–how can you help us?

A. Our consultants have a wealth of experience which transcends any industry and can often times jump in and add significant value to any marketing challenge or be your trusted marketing partner on an on-going basis by working in concert with your current staff and saving your organization time and money.

Q. Do you only work with companies within the Phoenix, AZ area?

A. No. Because the internet has no geographic border, our consultants regularly work with clients anywhere throughout North America.

Q. We’ve been burned by ineffective advertising in the past and wasted a lot of money–how do I know that won’t happen again?

A. Our consultants are trained to provide our clients with meticulous feedback and place them into marketing programs that are not only targeted, but provide measurable returns with no guessing games with your budget.