PMA Advantage

PMA Advantage

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Phoenix Marketing Associates (PMA) distinguishes itself in the crowded marketing industry through our approach. Because we believe in the value of the relationships between brands and their customers, we practice what we preach.

We are committed to developing sincere partnerships with our clients (our “client-partners”) and understanding our client-partners’ culture. To accomplish this, we are committed to building true peer relationships with our client-partners and immersing ourselves in their cultures through frequent on-site visits and meetings. By understanding our client-partners’ culture and creating authentic relationships with them, we can create partnerships that lead to growth and lasting success.

In order to allow us time to establish these lasting relationships, we do not perform one-off projects. We believe that in order to consistently produce brand experiences and marketing communications that are creative, practical, smart and meet our clients’ strategic goals, we must first define the vision for the company and obtain support by both parties. Only after this is accomplished will we begin executing campaigns.

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Together with our client-partners, we produce marketing wisdom that helps brands connect with their customers and create deep affinity relationships.

The reach of our marketing consultants’ ability is not geographically bound and neither is the scope of our expertise. We have excelled with clients in the following sectors:

• Restaurants
• Online retailers
• Traditional retailers
• Manufacturing/Distribution
• Transportation
• Service Businesses
• Dealer networks
• Licensing
• Hospitality
• Entertainment
• Technology
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