PMA provides full-service advertising management and creative services. This includes strategic recommendations of media buys, print placements, online advertising and direct mail. Additionally, we manage all media buys, perform modifications to ads and provide timely submissions to the mediums utilized. We utilize our buying power and relationships to provide our clients with lower than rate card buys.

Often times, businesses are bombarded with the “next best thing” only to waste valuable marketing dollars with no trackable results. PMA firmly believes in putting forth strong creative which accurately promotes your brand or advertising which drives new customers or conversions.

“As a 30 year company, we’ve gone through our share of marketing and advertising agencies. I’m thrilled to say that we’ve had a strong relationship with Phoenix Marketing Associates for over three years now and couldn’t be happier with their quality of work, attention to detail and most of all the results. Since hiring them, we consistently receive more quantifiable leads which has translated into an increase of at least 30% in annual revenue.” Michael Zimmerman

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