Duck and Decanter, Sanfratello’s Pizza, Hillside Sedona and 10Zig Technology have recruited the services of Scottsdale marketing firm, Phoenix Marketing Associates.


Phoenix, AZ—Scottsdale-based marketing firm, Phoenix Marketing Associates (PMA) has extended its services to Sanfratello’s Pizza, Hillside Sedona and 10Zig and existing client, Duck and Decanter.

PMA is providing an ongoing PR campaign, ad management and social media for Sanfratello’s Pizza, a south side Chicago-based pizzeria. The restaurant sought out the services of PMA to lead off their franchise expansion into the Southwest. 

Late 2014, Phoenix deli and restaurant, Duck and Decanter engaged PMA for a complete brand makeover, research-based brand analysis, new website but recently solicited PMA for an updated social media campaign.

PMA has begun aiding Sedona shopping center, Hillside Sedona with a new PR and social media campaign, SEO and ad management. The company has also extended its SEO and online marketing services to 10Zig Technology, an emerging competitor in the thin client and desktop virtualization market.

“Our company is pleased to have been trusted to grow these outstanding brands and we look forward to providing our clients sustainable, trackable growth,” said Phoenix Marketing Associates President Jason Jantzen.


About Phoenix Marketing Associates:

Phoenix Marketing Associates works with small to medium sized businesses across North America to provide targeted and results driven marketing solutions on a contract basis within any budget. Their consultative approach allows for a thorough needs analysis, which translates into an effective marketing and PR strategy that saves their clients time and money while providing maximum exposure. 

By assigning a team of qualified professionals to each individual situation and utilizing the most current communication and online demand generation technologies, Phoenix Marketing Associates enables businesses to achieve Fortune 500 results on an entrepreneurial budget.  For additional information, please visit





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